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Dawson Walker

About Me

I am Dawson Walker. I was born and raised in Greenville, South Carolina. I still live there with my Mom, Dad, and two siblings. My main hobbies are reading, writing, and drawing. My family and I also love taking trips to different places, especially the beach, which also happens to be my favorite place to read.Schoolwise, I went to school at BJA for nine years from fourth grade to twelth. Currently, I am a freshman at Bob Jones University dual majoring in Creative Writing and History.

  1. Reading - I have always loved reading, for just about as long as I can remember. I started reading a bunch when I was seven years old in second grade. Since then, I have read hundreds of books, often dozens yearly. My favorite books are Lord of the Rings, The Thirteenth Tale, Speaker for the Dead, and The Way of Kings.
  2. Wrting - In the past three to four years I have picked up writing. I started with a couple of short stories and a few other rough ideas here and there. Eventually, I joined the BJA school newspaper and co-wrote a serial both years I was on the staff. Currently, I am working on a few side projects but nothing major at the moment.
  3. Art - Like reading, I have always loved art. Through elementary and middle school, I did extra art programs and participated in competitions. Back then, I mostly focues on graphite drawings, but recently I have expanded into many other different mediums. My favorite medium is assemblage sculpture. 


Over the years I have done dozens of pieces of artwork in a variety of mediums. See below for examples of artwork.



I have always loved reading. Normally, I go through roughly two dozen books a year on average. 


Water Sports

My family owns a lake house, and we tube and wakesurf reguraly.



My family and I love to travel. We have been all across the country. This includes: New York, Niagra Falls, Orlando, Mississippi, Breckenridge, the Hover Dam, and the Grand Canyon. A picture I took while at Niagra Falls is the background at the top.



Gnome House

My most unique clay piece, Gnome House has an interesting story behind it's construction. To get the shape I wanted I used soda bottles and then shaped the clay around it, creating the piece in front of you. 


Poinsett Bridge

This is an acrylic painting of Poinsett Bridge in Greenville, South Carolina. This is a slightly stylised depiction of the bridge, mainly using cool colors.


Eye of a Dragon

The Eye of a Dragon is a colored pencil drawing. Like many colored pencil drawings a big focus for me was color. I wanted a contrast between the yellow eye, the maroon scales, and the shadowy, grey skin.


Gazing Skyward
This is an assemblage piece. Assemblage is where you take random objects and put them in a box to tell a story. That's the highly simplified way of putting it anyway. Assemblage is really only limited by your creativity and what you can find. The theme of this piece is the sky.

The Cavern
A colred pencil piece, The Cavern is an expolration of  sharp, fantastical architecture. Another big focus for me while making this piece was the use of shadow and light. I wanted it to contrast well and highlight the architecture.


Still Life of a Plant Jar
Still Life of a Plant Jar is my only pen and ink piece. A drawing of more than just a Plant Jar, it includes an antler and a transparent jup as well. 


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